Grant Application

 If you are a Ct District pastor looking to plant works, you are in the right place! Because of your giving to Christmas for Christ (CFC), we are now able to offer financial assistance at every step of the church planting process!
 These benefits are available to all qualifying Connecticut District pastors. Please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines and requirements:

This grant program is funded by the pastors of the Ct District who give to Christmas for Christ (CFC), and thus, is overseen by our Ct NAM Executive Committee. These grants provide established churches the opportunity to apply for financial support in launching Preaching Points and Daughter Works within the Connecticut District.

Qualified applicants will receive one of the following two grants (you will choose which one on the application itself):
Daughter Work Grant in the amount of $2,038 (Acts 2:38).
Preaching Point Grant in the amount of $500

The primary purpose of this grant program is to encourage and assist established churches in launching new works in neighboring cities. After all, our district vision is, "A thriving Apostolic work in every community." Our hope is to foster revival and growth in our district as we share the message of salvation as found in Acts 2:38. We have more than 3.5-million people to reach in our great state of Connecticut.

The funding for this program is based on continued CFC offerings from Ct pastors. Therefore, the available funds directed toward this grant program will be assessed annually, immediately following the conclusion of the CFC season.

Grants are only available if funding is in place. Funds are not guaranteed. This program can be terminated and/or the terms and conditions altered at any time without prior notice.

A Preaching Point is a regularly scheduled service, typically once a week or at least once a month, that features preaching.
A preaching point is distinct from the mother church as to location or language and it is designed to reach people who are currently unchurched.
Is under the general oversight of the pastor of the Mother Church.

A congregation which has met, in some capacity, for at least three months.
Is the result of the concerted efforts of an established mother church to plant a new congregation.
Holds at least one service per week apart from the mother church.
Is under the general oversight of the pastor of the mother church.
A daughter work must have the approval of the district North American Missions Executive Committee.

A qualified applicant must satisfy the following criteria to be eligible to receive a grant:
The work must be an approved and recognized work through the Connecticut District and registered with UPCI Headquarters via a church status form (click one of the following links to apply to register your work:  Preaching Point Report or Daughter Work Application). If you are uncertain of the differences between these stages of church planting, please read our district policy.
The Mother Church must be a supporter of North American Missions, both in mission and in giving to CFC (greater than $800 over the past 2 years).
Have a signed lease, space rental contract in a fixed location, or a clearly stated space where you will be meeting.
A solidified launch date as to when this new work will commence (if it has not already launched)
Applications are subject to review and approval by the Ct NAM Committee and the Ct District Board.
This grant is available once for each work that a church plants. The mother church can receive this grant for each work, in each location, that it plants. A new application is required with each church plant.
These funds are not intended for campus works/satellite campuses. They are intended for new or newer works, where the mother church pastor has a vision for a new self-governing work.

Grant Application

A brief application to be filled out by Lead or Senior Pastors who are looking to get financial grant assistance in the church planting process.