Summary of Benefits 

These benefits are available to all qualifying Ct North American Missions pastors while on North American Missions status.

Please remember the following guidelines:
1. Reimbursement for these meetings is for motel room expense only. Receipts must be submitted for our records.
2. No food or fuel is reimbursed for these meetings (unless otherwise noted).
3. Extra benefits may be extended if funding is available.
4. Allocation of funds is predicated upon consistent receipt of North American Missions monthly reports as stipulated in the District North American Missions Policy.

Part One - General Benefits
(NOTE: The following benefits are for all approved church planters in fellowship.)
A.        Pick any three district meetings each year (Maximum paid will be group rate of headquarters motel).
-Hotel room for District Conference – Up to 2 nights
-Hotel room for Ladies Conference – Up to 2 nights
-Men’s Conference – Up to 2 nights hotel OR individual registration for NAM Pastor.
-Hotel room for Minister's and Wives Retreat – Up to 2 nights

D.        We offer a "Church Starter Package" that includes the following benefits:
-Church logo design (offered through the following online company:
-Website design (your church information plugged into a standard template. Please note that any custom design work will be paid for by you, as we only cover the basic website template design). This includes 5 interactive pages that are also mobile friendly.
-We help set you up with a domain name (if you don't already have one), and give guidance on getting your hosting services set up.
-Social media blitz
-Business card or postcard design (we do the design, but we do not cover cost to print, or postage to mail)

E.        The following benefits will be extended to the children of NAM pastors:
-Birthday gifts for all children ages 0-18
-Registration for Junior Camp ages 8-11
-Registration for Senior Camp ages 12-18
-Registration for CT District Youth Convention

F.         Birthday gift for pastor and wife

G.         Anniversary gifts 

H.         Pentecostal Publishing House (PPH) offers significant discounts for church planters on:
-Sunday School curriculum,
-Discipleship curriculum,
-Home Bible Studies,
-And more!
-To place an order, call (866) 819-7667 -or- email PPH at
I.        Registration to CT District Ladies Conference for NAM Ladies and their daughters (if daughter's ages are 12-18) 

Part Two - Financial Assistance
(NOTE:  These particular benefits are only offered to churches affiliated with the UPCI)

A.        Revival speaker expenses up to $1,500 annually
B.        Up to $1,500 for housing subsidy while on North American Missions status (one time)
 Available any time during status.
Check to be made payable to property owner or payee.
This may include moving expense.
C.        Up to $1,500 facility subsidy while on North American Missions status (one time)
 Available any time during status
Check to be made payable to property owner or payee
D.          Up to $1,000 for a Children's Ministry Revival for up to four NAM churches per year.

E.        You can also seek up to $50,000 of assistance through a UPCI-endorsed ministry called Impact Community.  Make sure you contact them early in your process.

Part Three - Mission Possible Loan Fund
The Mission Possible Loan Fund is a CT District Ministry that allows District Churches to apply to a Loan Fund Committee and seek approval for loans to purchase, renovate, and/or construct various aspects of UPCI churches. Loans are offered per policy and as funds are available.

A.        Church must be affiliated.
B.        Policy procedure must be followed.
C.        An appropriate attachment or lien shall be used to secure the Districts’ investment.
Click here to apply for a Mission Possible Loan.

Part Four - Grants
These are national grants where applications must be submitted from the National NAM page. Please click the individual links below to find out more information about each of them. Please note, before you can receive Christmas for Christ grant money, you must first complete the Christmas for Christ online training!
Move the Mission Grant Property Grant and Portable Church Equipment Grant (Applications open from June 1st to August 15th).  
Move the Mission Emergency Funding
Christmas For Christ Grant (Applications open October 15 to January 15 )